How to distinguish between coaxial lighting and ring lighting usage samples

Epi-illumination is suitable for observing diffusely reflecting objects.
Coaxial illumination is suitable for observing flat specularly reflecting objects.
(Even with specular reflective objects, tapered parts and large uneven parts cannot be observed.)


So what about things that aren’t completely diffuse reflectors?


We often explain to our customers that coaxial lighting is suitable for objects that are at a level where their faces can be seen.





<Iron block> <Aluminum plate>
(No plating, polishing, etc.) (Alumite processing, shot processing)
Ring lighting allows for clearer observation.
Using coaxial lighting
The image will be unclear.
This sample does not show faces.
Observation is possible with coaxial lighting or ring l ighting.
Both are usable boundary samples.
ring lighting ring lighting
coaxial lighting coaxial lighting