We would like to introduce the height measurement (Z-axis measurement) system.

1. System configuration

Install the Z-axis stage and motor controller on the microscope.
(Microscope (manufactured by our company) and Z-axis stage (Chuo Seiki) are both general-purpose products.) )

高さ測定(Z軸測定)システム 高さ測定(Z軸測定)システム
We use this system, Mitani Shoji’s focus synthesis software, and 3D creation software.

2. How to operate

(1) Focal stacking  
(2) Create a 3D image  
(2) Create a 3D image: Combine the photo synthesized with a microscope with the position information of the motor to create a 3D image.
3D画像を作成 3D画像を作成

From the microscope, you can’t see a vertical or near-vertical surface, so the wall surface is a little more stable, but height measurement can be done without any problems.

If there is a slope on the wall, a relatively clean 3D image can be created.

As an example, make a 3D image of a dent in a cardboard box.

From here, arbitrary dimensions and cross-sectional shapes can be determined.
The yellow line below is an arbitrary line.


Since it is not a measuring machine, there is no accuracy.
The smallest step in the Z-axis table (0.5 μ in this case) is the resolution.
Depending on how you use it, you can achieve a certain degree of accuracy.