How to save video with Raw 8/16 USB camera

Some DirectShow-compatible USB cameras also have several video formats such as: YUY 2, RGB 24, RAW 8 etc.


Basically, if you use DirectShow compatible USB camera, you can use it even if application software changes.


However, it may not be usable because the video format is not supported by this application software.


Our cameras will be the video format of RGB 24 if the model number begins with “GR”, and the video format of RAW 8 starting with “DN”.


Free viewer software seems to be relatively compatible with RGB 24.


I have a question that how to record video with a USB camera.

There are some products that match to RGB 24 including free software. Please take a look.

However, there is small products that match to RAW8. We can divide into 2 types as follows:


1. Amcap
It is a sample software of DirectShow SDK. It is software for device testing and copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation.
There are sites that arrange and sell but basically it is free software.
It is only recording with AVI (uncompressed) file. Because it is uncompressed, the size of the saved file becomes large.


2. CCI-Pro-MRIt is free software. Up to 4 cameras can be controlled simultaneously.

Here you can take pictures and record videos.

However, the number of cameras that can shoot at the same time, the resolution depends on the performance of the PC and is not guaranteed.

* Please refer to the precautions when using multiple USB cameras with one PC.


3. intelliviewer (Three Imaging Inc.)

It is paid software. It is software which can guarantee operation with our camera.

It is multifunctional software with measuring function and tiling function.

Only AVI (uncompressed) files are recorded.

Although it is expensive software (price 98,000 yen), I think whether it should be used other than the recording function.