Introduction of USB Camera Trigger Software

Shodensha USB Camera Trigger Shooting Software Series~



We will introduce trigger shooting software that is perfect for applications such as starting recording using an embedded USB camera triggered by a trigger signal from a program controller (PLC), sequencer, etc.



①Do you have any of the following problems when installing cameras on factory lines?

 ・I want to build software or programs, but what should I do?
 ・I want to build software or programs, but I don’t have enough manpower.
 ・I want to build software or programs, but I don’t have the time.
 ・If software and programs are outsourced, they are custom-made and the price is high.
 ・Although it is a multi-functional software, the price is high accordingly.
 ・There is no need for so many functions.

   →Perfect for such customers! Trigger photography software focused on a single function



②What is the Shodensha USB Camera Trigger Shooting Software Series?

The world is full of expensive trigger-compatible software that has multiple extra functions even though you only need that single function.

Our trigger shooting software series has achieved this even though only a single function is required.

Furthermore, since we focused on a single function, we were able to achieve it at a low price.
In other words, our trigger shooting software is low-priced trigger compatible software that focuses on a single function.

Petitsoft activates the desired function by inputting an external trigger signal from a program controller (PLC), sequencer, etc.
Compatible with our industrial USB cameras DN series and CS series.



③Trigger shooting software series ~Lineup~

 By inputting an external trigger signal
・Save and capture camera images as still images (BMP/JPEG)
    = Trigger shooting software HiTriggerF-Light


・Save still images simultaneously while live monitoring video from up to 4 cameras
    = Multi-screen display trigger storage software HiTriggerQ


・Record a long video (like a drive recorder) before and after trigger signal input
    = Equipment monitoring drive recorder HiTriggerWatcher


・Record videos for a long time, compress and save them, or record on a timer
    = Compressed long-term recording software HiTriggerRec


  This is the regular lineup of Shodensha trigger shooting software series for USB cameras.



④Trigger shooting software series ~Special order support~

 Shodensha has a full-time staff of software engineers who have been engaged in image processing software development for over 30 years.
 Therefore, we also accept custom orders for the trigger photography software series for DN cameras.
  ・I want a single function like this.
  ・I would like to see additional functions added to the trigger shooting software.
  ・I want to do something like this.
 We can also develop custom software if you discuss your needs.



Don’t worry if you don’t like the program!
We will handle the production for you. (Paid)