Dedicated thermal cameras are generally expensive. In particular, if you want to observe wavelengths above 1300 nm, you need an InGaAs camera.

Up to about 950 nm, which is the range of near-infrared rays, it may be possible to observe with a normal black-and-white camera.

The following are the characteristics of our industrial C-mount cameras.


USB 3.0 camera (2 million pixels, monochrome).




The spectral sensitivity curve of this camera is as follows.



There is some sensitivity even at 950 nm.

Observation is possible depending on the lighting device.

However, monochrome cameras are fitted with anti-reflective filters. This filter may slightly reduce sensitivity in the infrared region, but can often be easily removed. Our DN series can also be shipped with the filter removed according to the customer’s request.

The DN series with the filter removed was used to make observations inside the case.


Attach screws and nuts to the black resin case.




Transmission observation is performed using 940 nm infrared illumination.





Using the property of infrared rays transmitting through the resin, it was possible to observe the object inside the case.




As a result, it is possible to significantly reduce costs.