High Performance Low Magnification HD Microscope LRS200XM-MC1

“Smooth movement” and “high resolution” are now commonplace

Further advanced high-definition microscope

1. Equipped with “Omakase Exposure Takumi” automatic light adjustment function!
2. Equipped with a function to save and play still images and videos on the camera!
Magnification from 6 to 60 times
(* Magnification value is calculated and converted to apply to 17-inch monitors)
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The best features of this model

1. Equipped with “Anti-halation” function!



2. Equipped with preview function!



What is “anti-halation”?

It is a function that allows the “automatic” and “high-speed” obtainment of the optimum exposure according to the brightness of the object. Please see the video for details!



Preview function

This function allows you to check saved images / videos directly on camera without moving the MicroSD card to your computer.
Please see the video for details!



Other features

Still images and videos can be saved

With MicroSD card slot!
You can save still images and videos to the included MicroSD card. (Still image: JPG format, video: MOV format)
* Note: Compatible with a MicroSD card of 128GB or less.




You can navigate the menu with the optional remote control!
You can navigate the camera menu with the optional remote control (sold separately).




Line drawing function
Show/ hide crosslines
* Grids and concentric circles cannot be resized.




Easy setting! Easy navigation! Easy saving!

Navigate the menu on the back of the camera.
Brightness, color, image inversion, cross-line, etc.

Easy setting! Easy navigation! Easy saving!

Easy connection through direct connection to a full HD monitor
(Connect with HDMI cable)
* Cable is standard

Menu navigation can be done with a specialized remote control!

You can navigate the camera menu with a standard remote control.


General Specification

Model Number
61.0mmx34.3mm (6倍時)、6.1mmx3.4mm (60倍時)
Stand Dimensions
388mmx268mm x350(H)mm


Image Sensor
Number of Pixels
1920x1080 (FULL HD)
Frame Rate
HDMI cable


・ Full HD camera
・ AC adapter
・ MicroSD card (8GB)
・ HDMI cable
Specialized remote control
Multi-angle light
(With ring adapter)
Zoom lens
Protective cover

HDR function is included!


This product comes with a function that enables a wider dynamic range than ordinary images.
You can reduce underexposure and overexposure even in bright and dark images.

By applying this HDR function, you can take pictures with reduced halation.


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Normal mode HDR mode
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Normal mode HDR mode
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Normal mode HDR mode

What is HDR?→Find out here



5 reasons for “inspection”
1.Smooth display without latency;

2.Full HD resolution;

3.Just connect to the monitor and the video will be displayed immediately! (No complicated settings or software installation);

4.No need for a PC on site;

5.No manual light control is needed thanks to the “anti-halation” function of the camera.

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