We sometimes receive requests to see on-site the composition of metal products that are too large to be cut out. In that case, we take the following two points into consideration and propose a custom-made product like the one in the photo below:
– Fixed magnification to reduce weight and cost. (Can be changed using the objective lens at the tip)

– Insert a cutout in the stand to directly observe the object.

大きな金属の場合の観察方法 大きな金属の場合の観察方法
Of course, coaxial illumination is used to observe the metal composition.
Small simple metallurgical microscope
単眼式同軸測定顕微鏡 For a monocular coaxial measuring microscope like the one on the left.
Connect a camera to reduce weight



カメラはUSBタイプ、ハイビジョンタイプ等から選べます The camera is USB type, you can choose from high-definition types, etc.