Observation Using a Cone Mirror

First, use the borescope to view the front horizontal line.

In this state, placing a cylindrical object like the one in the photo below does not allow the wall surface to be visible.



コーンミラーについて1 コーンミラーについて2



Place a cone mirror and then position the cylindrical object as described above.



コーンミラーについて3 コーンミラーについて4



It enables 360-degree (omnidirectional) capture as depicted in the lower photograph. However, the central area is significantly scaled down, limiting effective use to the outer periphery.。







■Field of View


Cone Lens Method   Fish-eye Field of View
コーンミラーについて6   コーンミラーについて7
The wall surface is visible   The front is seen broadly, with some of the wall surface visible as well.





The borescope used for this observation is available at our company.

Please see the product page for details.