Scratch-Enhanced Visual Inspection Software REAL Effect

I can see scratches that I couldn’t see before!


This is amazing!

●You can use this software to enhance and see scratches that you couldn’t see before.

  • ●Scratch enhancement can be used in real time and is convenient for visual inspection.

    ●Anyone can easily and intuitively navigate this software.

    ●Since this product is Shodensha’s original software, customizable options are also available.

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What you can do with REAL Effect

●Enhancing images of uneven objects
●Creating average background for observation of uneven surfaces
●Enhancing edges and scratches
●Brightening dark images

Introduction images

Visual inspection can be performed by enhancing invisible scratches.
※You can select an optimal camera / lens / lighting. (Sold separately)

※Demo products can be rented for all sets.
※Free sample shooting is available.
After that, you may request a demo product to use it in the shortest time.



Processed image

The left one is the original image, and the right one is the image after real-time processing.
 Blue resin scratch inspection
 Inspection of black-satin-finished resin
 Inspection of letters on ceramic
 Ink inpection of printed matter
Inspection of blade marks on fiber end-faces
Grain inspection of cream

Product features

 ●You can process live images instead of still images.

 ●You can move the observation object with image processing applied.

 ●Professional image processing can be performed intuitively.

 ●You can perform image processing in live view with just the software without using a sharpening device or unit.


You can use it for the following purposes

●Enhancing invisible scratches for visual inspection

●Pre-processing images to improve detection accuracy by pouring the processed images into AI visual inspection software

●Pre-processing images to improve measurement accuracy by pouring the processed images into measurement software so that blurred edges can be easily enhanced.


Function introduction



<Enhancing uneven details>




<Creating average background for observation of uneven objects>



<Enhancing patterns and scratches>




<Brightening dark images>


Even the gaps between black parts that are difficult to illuminate can be clearly observed thanks to image processing. Moreover, processing is done in live view, so you can perform visual inspection by watching the processed video.



Example video introduction


●Underexposed images can be seen thanks to real-time image processing.



●You can observe 3D images by using real-time image processing.



●Real-time image processing makes the outline clearer.



●Background unevenness is eliminated to make detection easier.



●Even a dark object can be clearly projected thanks to image processing. Moreover, processing is done in live view, so you can perform visual inspection by watching the processed video.



Operating environment

Supported operating systems Windows 10 Pro (64bit)
CPU Core i7 8th generation or later
Atom, Celeron, Pentium, Core2, Core i series 1st generation not supported
Memory 8GB or more (16GB or more is recommended)
※16GB or more is required when using a camera with 10 Megapixel or more.
Compatible cameras Compatible with CS series cameras (USB cameras) and EG series cameras (GigE cameras)







Customization example Image processing for automatic measurement of weld line

I wanted to have the weld line automatically measured. But a hairline was generated in the observation image of the resin and it interfered with edge detection, rending automatic measurement impossible.
The hairline has a fixed pattern, and by hiding the pattern with image processing, stable automatic measurement is possible.



If you have any object that cannot be seen with the REAL Effect …

Please lend us the object! Our professional image processers will customize the software to suit your requirements!


General Specification

Model Number
REAL Effect
Power Supply
DC12V ACアダプタ標準装備




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