How to record video by video microscope?

Since the video signal is a general-purpose signal, there are abundant peripherals such as a hard disk, a digital video recorder (DVR), a converter to USB and you can easily obtain them. For long-time movie recording, it is possible to use hard disk, small size, easy to carry card video recorder · various cards and various kinds of commercially available equipment.

※ If you use other peripheral equipment, please note that you can not observe while displaying it on the monitor if there is no terminal for outputting the image from the device from the device. In the case of DVR, still images may not be recorded as it will be a video recorder. Please check the specifications of various equipment.

Our company has some products as below:

  • SD card compatible video recorder that can store still images and movies and is portable in size and portable
  • Images · Movie saving is possible and left / right / up / down 2 screen display is possible USB memory compatible video recorder with division function. Both models can save and play still images / movies while watching the monitor.
モニタ付きビデオマイクロスコープ Video Microscope
SDカード対応ビデオレコーダー Video recorder with USB memory stick GRAV-1

<Example for GRAV-1>


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