Trigger control software that is very useful for embedded cameras

Introducing a useful trigger control software that emits a trigger signal from an external source, such as a program controller (PLC) or sequencer, and uses an embedded USB camera.


●Trigger control software type

①Simple is best light model for still image storage with trigger signal input: Hi TriggerF Light

・Our Hi TriggerF Light can save a still image or capture a screen image (temporary storage) at that moment
    by inserting an external trigger signal into the camera.
・Live display is also possible without a trigger signal, making positioning and focusing easy.
・A digital zoom function allows you to enlarge or reduce the camera image to the desired size on your PC screen.         
    It also has a fit-in function that allows the camera image to fit perfectly on your PC screen. 
・The exposure time can be adjusted so that even fast objects can be photographed without blurring.

   →Perfect for cases where you only need to save still images with external trigger signal input!


②Middle model with still image storage + cross line display, time stamp, and binarization function with trigger signal input: Hi TriggerF Pro

・Our Hi TriggerF Pro adds cross line display, time stamp burning, and binarization to the Hi TriggerF Light functions.

   →Perfect for still image storage with external trigger signal input + plus function!


③Hi TriggerF Pro + multifunctional high-end model capable of multiple activation of 4 or 8 cameras: Hi TriggerF PRO4 / PRO8
・Our Hi TriggerF PRO4 / PRO8 can multiplex up to 4 / 8 cameras in addition to the functions of Hi TriggerF Pro.

   →Perfect for use with multiple cameras up to 4/8 units!


●Pre-tests and demo equipment are available for use with peace of mind.

 ・I don’t know if it’s usable.
 ・Worried about whether it will work
 ・I want to test it
   →Don’t worry. We will lend you a demo unit with camera, lens, lighting, and software.
                Please feel free to contact us.