UV (ultraviolet) observation

In order to perform UV observation (ultraviolet observation), it is necessary to have a UV (ultraviolet) sensitive camera and a UV compatible lens.


Shodensha cameras mainly observe visible light.

As picture shown below, there is no sensitivity in the ultraviolet region.


UV observation is divided into two types:

(1) Observe scratches, spots, irregularities on the surface of objects

(2) Observation of weak fluorescence phenomenon of objects

For cameras, you need to choose one of the following:

(1) A camera sensitive to ultraviolet rays. It is a camera like the one below.


(2) A camera is not merely an ultraviolet range. But an ultrahigh sensitivity camera is necessary to catch a weak fluorescence phenomenon. In general, I use a cooled CCD camera. It becomes the camera as follows.


For lenses, it is necessary to use UV-compatible lenses as below.

(The following is the zoom lens of Navitar USA)