Video signals are a widely used format, with a wide variety of peripherals at your disposal, including external hard drives, digital video recorders (DVRs), and USB adapters. This makes it possible to record long hours on a hard disk, and if portability is important, you can use a card video recorder or various memory cards. However, when using other peripheral devices, it is necessary to pay attention to the presence or absence of terminals that output video from the device to the monitor. Also, when using a DVR, it may not be possible to record still images due to limitations specific to video recorders, so please check the specifications of the device in advance.

The products we offer have the following features:

  • Still images and videos can be saved
  • A video recorder with a split function that supports USB memory and can display two screens, left, right, top and bottom

Both of these models can save and play back still images and videos while looking at the monitor.


ビデオマイクロスコープ Various video microscopes
USBメモリ対応分割機能付ビデオレコーダー USB memory compatible with split function
Video recorder 


<Example of use: GRAV-1>



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