What is color temperature?

White LED products are available in a variety of chromaticity ranks.


Monochromatic LEDs are expressed by wavelength (peak wavelength), but white color is a mixture of colors, so chromaticity is expressed by
Color temperature (Kelvin (K)) is often used as an indicator.


There are various types of white, such as “bluish”, “yellowish”, and “reddish”.


For consumer products such as lighting, the standards established by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) are
It is used a lot.
For convenience, the ANSI standard divides white into eight types based on color temperature.
White with a low color temperature is a slightly reddish white (warm color) similar to that of a light bulb.
It is around 2700K.
White with a high color temperature has a slightly bluish tinge (cool color), like the sun at noon.
It is around 6500K. This period is classified into 8 types.


Although there is no regulation in ANSI for 6500K or higher, it is recommended for industrial use and LCD backlights.
There are many products.


The following is an excerpt from a catalog for a certain lighting device.
There is a runup up to 10000K.
White color is represented by color temperature, and monochromatic color is represented by wavelength.