What is vignetting?

What is vignetting?
A black tunnel-like area that occurs when a lens that is incompatible with the camera’s image sensor is used.
It will look like you are looking through a tunnel.



ケラレ Black areas (vignetting) can be seen at the four corners of the screen. 



Cause of vignetting


●If the camera sensor size is larger than the compatible camera sensor inch of the lens


●For borescopes
The wider the sensor size of the camera connected to the borescope, the wider the vignetting area. 

On the other hand, the image is closer to what you would see directly through a borescope.


●For microscopes

Usually, microscope cameras are made to avoid vignetting (shadows at the four corners).

We design with a margin to avoid vignetting, but the degree of vignetting varies depending on the manufacturer.