What is the flicker phenomenon?

It occurs under illumination that repeats weekly lighting such as fluorescent light.

(It does not occur with DC lighting)


Horizontal striped light / dark changes appear to flow vertically upwards. Horizontal striped light and dark appear on the screen.

(This phenomenon occurs mainly with rolling shutter cameras.)


<Horizontal striped light and dark>

Sometimes, the whole screen periodically repeats light and dark.

(This phenomenon mainly occurs with the global shutter camera.)


When this phenomenon occurs, it may be possible to suppress by adjusting the shutter speed of camera.

For our cameras, it is Time item.

When using a high-speed camera under fluorescent lighting, the probability of occurrence is very high.

For high-speed camera lighting, it is necessary to use direct-lighting lighting or strobe lighting synchronized with the camera shutter.


ハイスピードカメラ High speed camera
ストロボ照明 Strobe Light