What’s resolution?

Resolution means a numerical value indicating of pixels in a bitmap image. It is the fineness of the grid that expresses the image and it is represented how many pixels are divided in 1 inch.

For microscope, each camera, lens and monitor has different resolution.

1. Cameras and lens resolution are the detail of grid that represents the image.

It is a term that expresses the details of objects (screen, printed result, photographic film, etc.) that can define the size of the physical image.

Therefore, the physical resolution means the minimum unit that can be distinguished from the image (pixel, in the case of a printing result or photographic film, a line / space where the image can be resolved by a resolution chart) is determined per unit length of the object. It is expressed by the number that can be included and represents the definition level not the total number.

Camera and len resolution is very important in selecting resolution.

For example: If camera resolution is high and lens resolution is low, the image will be poor in resolution. Please be careful

  1. What is monitor resolution?

Have a look at this. “about monitor resolution

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