About LAN port connecting GigE camera

GigE camera is connected by LAN port.

However, there is no power supply line in LAN port attached to normal PC.

(Of course, power is necessary to operate the camera.)


There are two ways to use GigE camera.

1. Prepare individual separate power supply for camera.

2. Prepare NIC for PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface (LAN port with power supply line).


There is no problem if an AC adapter is attached to the camera. But in order to connect between PC and camera, power support equipment is very necessary.

It is called PoE injector. It can be obtained easily around 10,000 yen.

It is possible to purchase with PC peripherals manufacturer (Elecom, Sanwa Supply, Buffalo etc.).


NIC is short of Network interface card. NIC has the same meaning as the LAN board and indicates an expansion board. As mentioned above, there is no power supply line in the standard LAN port of a normal PC. Therefore, you need to add such an expansion board (card) to the PC.