How to connect 2 HD camera and display on one monitor (Display in 2 screen of HDMI camera)

In order to display two images with a type of camera directly connected to the monitor, a device called a divider is required.
I will introduce some of them.

1. Single function type
For consumer goods, the price is also very cheap for dividers. (About 17,000 yen)
※ Manufacturer Model Number: YHD-M21
You can buy it at Amazon etc.




The display methos is transfer one by one camera on the screen or isplay it by switching or display 2 screens at the same time.


It is also possible to display in other image (②)of 1 camera in the whole image (①)of one other camera.

2.High function type

This is products of Hypertools CDPS-41SQ

The price is around 100,000 yen.


· 2, 3, 4 split display possible
· H and V position can be adjusted in 1 pixel unit

Hardware is unnecessary when split display is done using USB camera. If special software is available, it is possible.


When using both color 3MP and monochrome 1.3MP camera

For USB camera, multi screen display using Trigger

Trigger Q