4K Microscope 4K1200CS

4 times higher definition than Full HD
Images equivalent to high-end microscopes at reasonable price!


● 4K Microscope

● Equipped with high-resolution 4K lens

● Equipped with 12MP high-definition camera

● Magnification: 23x ~ 230x
(* Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor)

● Equipped with simplified measurement software that can measure the distance between two points

● Available with abundant software such as measurement, focus stacking, and image linking software 

● Can also develop software according to the customer’s request

* The stand can be changed to a small stand.

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Descriptive power of high-resolution 4K lens

Comparing the white and black brightness profiles. (Red circle on glass scale)

Conventional lens



The blurred area around the border between black and white is wide, and the rise of the brightness profile is gentle.

High resolution 4K lens



The clear area around the black and white boundary is wide, and the brightness profile rises sharply.


That’s why
High-definition video can be achieved!


Magnification/Field of View

Minimum magnification 23x
(field of view range 14.5mmx11.0mm)
Maximum magnification 230x
(field of view range 1.5mmx1.1mm)


General Specification

Magnification 23x~230x * Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor
Working Distance 100mm
Field-of-view 14.5mmx11.0mm (23x)
1.5mmx1.1mm (230x)
Image Sensor 1/1.7”CMOS
Number of pixels 12MP
Pixel Size 1.85μmx1.85μm
Typical resolution
(*Frame Rate)
* The actual frame rate will vary depending on the performance of your computer and the setting environment.


Working enviroment

Support OS Windows7、8、8.1、10、11
CPU Intel core i5 above
Memory 8GB above





Camera USB3.0 12MP

Exclusive LED ring light

High resolution 4K zoom lens



* Can be changed to a small stand

Protective cover

Viewer Software





Main features

● USB3.0 connection

● Equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens for a total magnification of 23x~230x

● Zoom lens with latch function that locks each scale (eliminate operator error, suitable for measurement)

● Can change to a small stand




How to install the camera(Youtube video)


Introduction of standard equipment software

Features of standard simple measurement software

Saving images

Distance measurement between two points

Display scale 

Display crossline/gridline

Fit-in function, digital zoom function

Supported OS: Windows 8 or later

* This standard accessory software is a functionally limited version. Please purchase the optional measurement software if you need to measure other than the distance between two points or if you need a focus combination function

*The glass scale for calibration is an option


Display crossline

Display scale 



Introduction of optional equipment software

Optional measurement software

High-Performance Image Processing Measurement Software MFShip



●Measurement assist (edge automatic fit) function
●Pinpoint digital zoom function
● Easy focus with roll focus composition function!
GS-4SQ (20µm/100µm/500µm/with 4 types of scales in 1mm increments) is included as standard equipment


[Measurement items]
●Distance between two points
●Distance between parallel lines
●Distance between horizontal parallel lines
●Distance between vertical parallel lines
●Vertical distance
● Distance between circle centers
● Point coordinates
● Three-point specified angle
● 4-point specified angle
● 3 point designation circle
● Approximate circle
● Rectangle
● Oval
● Approximate straight line
● 3-point arc, etc


【Useful function】
・Edge automatic fit function
・Pinpoint digital zoom function
・Scale display
・Focus stacking function
・Report creation
・Image merging function (tiling function)

●Focus stacking function

●Tiling(Image merging function)




Comparison between Standard viewer software (MFShip* with limited functions) and High-performance image processing measurement software (MFShip)

● The main differences are summarized in the table. Please choose according to the function you need


  Standard viewer software
Measure distance between two points
Multi-function measurement ×
Edge auto-fit function ×
Focus composition function ×
Halation removal function ×
HDR composition function ×
Image merging function ×
Excel output
Thumbnail display of image data
Screen display magnification change ×
Cross line display
Grid scale display
Compatible OS Up to Windows 11 Up to Windows 11



A wide variety of optional software is available!

●We have a wide variety of optional software such as measurement, focus stacking, automatic visual inspection, image linking, and graphite spheroidization rate measurement.
Of course, you can also use your current commercially available applications (* DirectShow compatible).


General Specification

Model Number

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