4K Microscope (coaxial lighting type) Z4K860PTLT

4 times higher definition than Full HD
Images equivalent to high-end microscopes at reasonable price!


• 4K Microscope

• Equipped with high-resolution 4K lens

• Equipped with a multi-function 4K camera

• Magnification: 26x~260x (* Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17 inch monitor)

• Full HD resolution even with digital zoom (X2)

• Ideal for observation of highly reflective flat surfaces close to mirror surfaces with coaxial lighting type (polished metals, plating, silicon wafers, observation of welding penetration, etc.)!

* The stand can be changed to a small stand

* Require a separate 4K monitor

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Descriptive power of high-resolution 4K lens

Comparing the white and black brightness profiles. (Red circle on glass scale)

Conventional lens



The blurred area around the border between black and white is wide, and the rise of the brightness profile is gentle.

High resolution 4K lens



The clear area around the black and white boundary is wide, and the brightness profile rises sharply.


That’s why
High-definition video can be achieved!


Display line at will

It is possible to display lines of 10 vertical and 10 horizontal lines at will.
Line color can be changed.



Wide range of measurement functions

Calibration and measurement can be performed without a PC.




<Measurement items>


・4-point angle
・Perpendicular line with 3 points specified
・Two-point area measurement (vertical, horizontal, perimeter, area)

・Oval area measurement (vertical, horizontal, perimeter, area)
・Two-point circle measurement (diameter, perimeter, area)
・Distance between two circles



High frame rate 50fps


General Specification

26x~260x * Magnification is a calculated value converted to a 17-inch monitor
15.0mmx8.4mm (26x), 1.5mmx0.8mm (260x)
Pixel Size
Other functions
Line display function; measurement function; image,video save/playback; digital zoom


Image Sensor
Number of Pixels
Frame Rate


Working distance


4K camera dedicated to 4K microscope
Dedicated coaxial lighting
High resolution coaxial 4K zoom lens
* Can be changed to a small stand
Protective cover

Main features

・HDMI connection
・Equipped with a 10x optical zoom lens for a total magnification of 26x to 260x
・Zoom lens with latch function that locks each scale (suitable for measurement because it eliminates operator error)
・Can be converted to a small stand


Convenient option

Glass scale

Used for calibrating the microscope.
Glass scale with 4 different pitches: 20μm/100μm/500μm/1mm

XY Table

Convenient for positioning
Compatible with all microscope stands

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