How to record for a long time by HD camera?

1.the way not to use PC

Insert a commercial recorder between the monitor and camera. Make a control by the recorder.


HDレコーダー HDレコーダー

The following recorder bought for reference. In addition, it can also be mounted with external HDD.


(Reference: from the manual of recorder)


External HDD up to 4TB can be connected. It seems that it is possible to record maximum within 100 hours.

2.the way to use with the PC

Connect the high definition camera to the HDMI – USB 3.0 converter.
Connect USB 3.0 to the PC.
Make a control on the PC.

AverMedia AverMedia
If you connect the external HDD to PC and specify saving folder destination, it is possible to record for a long time




Various types of transducers introduced in the HDMI recorder introduced in Section 1 and Section 2 are also available for sale.
I think that it is necessary to check the final operation by referring to the product introduced above.