How to record for a long time by HD camera?

High-definition cameras operating independently face limitations in recording video duration. To capture extended video footage spanning several hours, there exist primarily two methodologies: the utilization of a personal computer (“PC”) and an approach abstaining from PC involvement.


By employing a PC, one gains the capability to directly record videos onto the storage system of the personal computer, thereby facilitating prolonged recording durations.


For a comprehensive understanding of the methodologies involving PC utilization, please refer to the subsequent page.


The substitution of a high-capacity external HDD (up to 1TB) in lieu of a USB memory enables the potential for protracted recording periods.

As a noteworthy consideration, externally powered HDDs are imperative, as those reliant on bus power will not function. It is essential to employ self-powered HDDs, ensuring an independent power supply for the external HDD.

Furthermore, if the formatting adheres to FAT32, there exists a file size limitation of 4GB. Therefore, for individuals aspiring to record lengthy videos within a single file, employing an HDD formatted with NTFS is recommended.


It is crucial to note that operation is not supported with exFAT formatting.