The port that connects the GigE camera is a LAN port.
However, the LAN port attached to a normal PC does not have a power supply line.
(Of course, a power source is required to operate the camera.)


There are two methods when using a GigE camera.
1. Prepare a separate power supply for the camera.
2. Prepare a NIC for PoE (Power over Ethernet) interface (LAN port with power supply line).



There is no problem if the camera comes with an AC adapter, but there are also devices on sale that add a power supply function by inserting it between the PC and the camera.
It is called a PoE injector.
It can be purchased from PC peripheral manufacturers (Elecom, Sanwa Supply, Buffalo, etc.).


NIC is an abbreviation for Network interface card and has the same meaning as LAN board, and indicates an expansion board. As mentioned above, the standard LAN port of a normal PC does not have a power supply line. Therefore, it is necessary to add such an expansion board (card) to the PC.


In addition to this, there are also the following that can be used with laptops, etc.



If you want to run multiple cameras on one PC, you can use the following options.


GigE Vision frame grabber board
(4 ports, with POE power supply)