●What is a GigE camera?

When looking for industrial cameras, USB cameras and GigE cameras often come up.
When you hear a USB camera, you probably imagine a camera that connects to a computer via USB.
Many people may not have an image in mind when they hear the word GigE camera.


A GigE camera is a camera that connects to a computer using a LAN cable.
USB requires that the distance to the computer be 3 meters or less,
but GigE cameras can use a LAN cable and can be built even if the distance to the computer is 100 meters.



●Frequently asked questions about GigE cameras

Here’s something for those with a little more knowledge to think about.
If you connect it to your computer using a LAN cable
・How should I supply power to the camera?
・Does it seem like it takes a lot of effort to obtain an IP address?
I think there are many people who have this question.




●Power supply to GigE camera

Regarding power supply for GigE cameras, there is an option called POE power supply that can supply power to the camera.
If you use this together, you can power the camera with a LAN cable.
Connect the camera and POE power supply with a LAN cable as shown in the diagram below.
POE power is supplied using an AC adapter.
Connect the POE power supply and computer with a LAN cable.





●Is it necessary to obtain an IP address with a GigE camera?

Our GigE camera basically does not need to obtain an IP address when connecting to a computer.
Our GigE camera supports DHCP.
DHCP is a system that allows devices newly connected to an IP network such as the Internet to
Communication rules for automatically assigning setting information necessary for communication such as IP addresses.


Therefore, by connecting our GigE camera to a computer, it will automatically select and use unused IPs.
Therefore, you can use the camera without making detailed IP address settings.
*If DHCP cannot be used due to computer settings, you can also set a static IP address.






As mentioned above, our GigE camera can be easily connected to a computer.
Building a GigE camera is not difficult.



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