Accessory to extend the focal length of a microscope

There is an option called the ‘0.5x auxiliary lens’ that approximately doubles the operating distance. (Please note that some models may not have the option of auxiliary lenses available.)


標準レンズ用0.5倍補助レンズ TG-0.5
0.5x Auxiliary Lens for Standard Lens: TG-0.5

<Changes in Operating Distance>
* With the optional 0.5x auxiliary lens (TG-0.5) for the standard lens:


Without TG-0.5
(installed on TG500CS)
With TG-0.5
(installed on TG500CS)
Working distance


When using the 0.5x auxiliary lens, the operating distance becomes longer, and the distance between the lighting and the object also increases. Therefore, it is necessary to use the lighting LED angle (bottom: LED-A2) to fix the lighting near the object.



LEDアングル(LED-A2) LEDアングル(LED-A2)取付例
LED angle(LED-A2) Mounting Example

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