What’s advantages and disadvantages of video microscope?

It is a microscope that connects directly to a TV monitor with a video cable.


Video cable


If TV has BNC port, we have a conversion adapter.


Unlike USB type, the merit is smooth movement and there is no display delay so it is easy to observe. Therefore, screen sickness does not seem to be inspected.
Moreover, it is the optimum microscope when you want to save the movie, shooting is possible even 24 hours if connected to the HD recorder.

The disadvantage is that the resolution is low. (A full high-vision microscope with high resolution is also available.) Another hardware (such as a video recorder compatible with SD card) is required to save images. (However, the video signal is a general signal, it is advantageous to have abundant external equipment.) It is also possible to use USB video capture to display on a PC via a USB cable but the image becomes rough in some cases.

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※ HD microscope and low magnification are also available. Please contact technical support for more details.