Increase the resolution (for video microscope)

You can not increase the resolution with video microscope. The resolution of the video signal itself is low.

Methods to increase resolution by connecting directly to the TV monitor
1. How to use full HD signal
2. How to use analog RGB signal


We have a full Hi – Vision microscope that supports high – vision signals and a PC monitor direct microscope that uses analog RGB signals.
It is a microscope that achieves high resolution at the same level with the smoothness of motion of the video microscope. All microscopes can directly connect to an monito without PC.

Please note that video format, HDTV, analog RGB and signal format also differ in terminal shape.

モニタ付ビデオマイクロスコープ Video microscope
PCモニタダイレクトマイクロスコープ HD microscope
PCモニタダイレクトマイクロスコープ Microscope direct to PC monitor