Firstly, please check the proper eye position. This eye position is called eye point.

With the old microscope, the eyelashes were close to touch the eyepiece. Now, there are various high eye point that you can observe while wearing glasses.


If the eyepiece contains the following marks, it is a high eye point.


I will show you one way to easily know eye points.

Place copy paper on the eyepiece.

Changing the distance of the copy paper from the eyepiece changes like the photo below.

The point with the most focus is the eye point.

< Focus status> < Unfocus status>

Place your eyes at the correct position (eye point) then adjust.

1.Inter-eye adjustment (Adjust the eyepiece and eye width.)

When looking at the binocular microscope, there is one tip is to look far away.

Looking into the eyepiece while consciously looking far away then adjust the width of both eyepiece lenses.


I looked through the eyepiece with both eyes and the adjustment is complete once the field of view becomes one full circle.

2.Diopter adjustment

Adjust by turning the diopter adjusting ring so that both eyes are in focus.

(One-sided diop adjustment) (Two-sided diop adjustment)

3.Zoom adjustment

(1) Turn the zoom dial to set the minimum magnification and focus.

(2) Next, turn the zoom dial to set the maximum magnification and focus.

(3) Return to low magnification again. Adjustment is completed if the focus is on the low magnification side.

When the focus is out of focus

Repeat steps (1) and (2) for one-sided diop adjustment.

If it is a two-sided diop adjustment, turn the diopter adjusting ring so that the two eyes are in focus at the stage (3).

Then repeat the operations from step (1) to (3).