How to take microscopic photos with a compact digital camera

No special equipment is required when taking microscopic images with a small digital camera.
If you hold it close to the eyepiece, you can take beautiful pictures.
However, it is susceptible to camera shake, so it takes some getting used to.


There are various fixing devices on the market to prevent camera shake.
I’m sure there are specialized equipment, but I’d like to introduce an easier and cheaper way to take pictures.


There is a product called a quick bracket for astronomical telescopes.
You can easily get it online for less than 10,000 yen.



Usually used for astronomical telescopes and field scopes.



In fact, it can be attached to the eyepiece of a microscope using the same attachment method shown in the photo above.
Since it is made for astronomical telescopes, the fixed part is a little large and cannot be attached to all microscopes, but it can be attached to φ30mm eyepieces such as stereo microscopes.


Just use this bracket to align the optical axis and release the shutter to take microscopic photographs.。



If your camera has a zoom function, you can also take a slightly improved version of the overall photo.



It can also be attached to the three-eye part (JIS tube) of a microscope to take pictures.
This requires some tips, so if you are interested, please contact us.