Is the camera compatible with monochrome?

There are monochrome (black and white) mode and pure monochrome in camera (black and white camera).

Either case may be good when used for applications such as contrast emphasis of edge noodles of observation objects.

Monochrome mode of color camera originally expresses color image in black and white

What is the advantage of a pure monochrome camera?

Generally, monochrome camera  is more sensitive than color camera


Higher sensitivity works well for adjusting the shutter speed and depth of focus.

Besides that, wavelength sensitivity characteristics are different.

The sensitivity of the sensor itself may not change very much.


Example of spectral
for color camera


Example of spectral
characteristics for
monochrome camera



Example of filter characteristics for color camera




However, color cameras often contain filters. Thus, most of color cameras has the wavelength cut at about 650 nm.