What’s the difference between CMOS and CCD?

CMOS and CCD generally have the following differences.

However, CMOS function has improved recently, there is no clear difference.


<CCD is …>

  1. CCD gives more natural color representation.
  2. Shadow image clear
  3. High price.
  4. High power consumption.
    → It is difficult to achieve high resolution with battery operated digital cameras, video cameras, etc.
    (It does not much matter with USB camera for FA)
  1. Partial readout of the image sensor can not be performed.
    → It is impossible to increase the display speed by lowering the resolution.(Therefore, there is no resolution changes in our CCD camera GR140CCD.)


<CMOS is …>

  1. A little bit of blurring appears in the image and the clarity drops.
  2. Cheap price
  3. Partial readout of image sensor can be performed.
    If you reduce the resolution with CMOS camera, you can raise the display speed.
  1. Vulnerable to movement
    Distortion (deformation) and afterimage will occur. It is a weak point of CMOS such as “dropping frames” or “awkward movement”.
    (It can be said to the rolling shutter type sensor in general.)


CCD(Global shutter) CMOS(Rolling shutter)
グローバルシャッター ローリングシャッター


Recently, the CMOS feature of the camera used in the industry has been enhanced.

In the past,

CMOS → rolling shutter → weak motion

CCD → global shutter → strong motion

The figure was completed.

Recently, there is a type of global shutter in CMOS to replace CCD.