What’s C-Mount and CS-Mount?

C mount is a screw mount that fixes the camera and lens by screws.

Inner diameter 25.4 mm (1 inch), screw pitch 0.794 mm, flange back 17.526 mm is C mount standard

With the miniaturization camera, there is also a CS mount that reduces C flange back by 5 mm.

(The caliber and screw pitch are the same.)


Depending on the camera, 5 mm thick rings may be installed to both C mount and CS mount, so that It’s necessary they can be removed.


Cマウント CSマウント


Both C mount and CS mount can be mounted with the same aperture and screw pitch.

However, please take a note that the performance of the lens can not be fully demonstrated.

(The symptoms such as ” out of focus”, “the focal length fluctuates even though it is a zoom lens (* 1)”, “the magnification changes”, etc.)

(* 1) Please refer to “Macro lens and macro zoom lens”.