USB 2.0 standard cable is up to 5 m.

In fact, cables excessed this standard are sold by major manufacturers.

(It is said that there is not much effect on the communication speed up to about 10 m.)

Not only the standard extension cable but also other types as below are also sold

It is “USB cable with repeater function”.

Although there are a lot of companies sells it, the product shows in below photo is KB-USB-R212 from Sanwa Supply Co., Ltd【12m USB extension repeater cable】


According to the standard of USB cable, the length of the cable is determined to be the longest 5 m between the devices.

However, by using “USB cable with repeater function”, you can connect devices with 5 m or more cable.

In below photo, this cable can be extended by 12 meters.


This cable has a built-in signal amplification correction circuit. By restoring the signal attenuated by this circuit, it is possible to extend the cable.

This cable can be extended by 12 m or more. In that case, wire as shown below.


I tried using 12 meters of repeater equipped USB cable (photo below) and camera attached cable (1.8 m) to our USB camera but it worked well without any problem. However, there is a sentence in the explanation of the USB cable with repeater function (product of the photograph) that “USB device to be connected recommends a device that operates with self power in order to perform stable operation”.


Voltage drop will occur when the USB cable is extended. So, it is recommended that you always check the operation on devices that operate by supplying power from the PC (including our USB camera).


By the way, USB 3.0 is supposed to be up to 3 m.

Since USB 3.0 standard does not allow cable relaying, it is safe to avoid relaying with extension cable within 3m.

I think that it is better to use a repeater cable or relay the HUB as described above.

However, we recommend a repeater cable and HUB with self power (with AC adapter).



Recently, there is also an active cable.

IC for signal conditioning is built in the connector part and extension is made possible without preparing another power supply.