How to raise frame rate (pixel clock)?

Have you ever felt that the screen display is very slow when using a USB camera?


For example, “Screen does not change for several seconds”, “Freeze well”, and so on.

Actually, the PC’s ability is very high, even if the empty memory capacity is sufficient there is a possibility of occurrence.


The reanson is compatibility between PC and camera.

“Compatibility” is abstract, so I will explain it.


USB camera consists of a sensor section and a buffer (memory section).

Sensor sends video data to memory at pixel clock (frequency).

Video data is saved in the data memory by overwriting.

(Memory is very large, some types are not all overwritten.)


On the other hand, USB host controller will receive the signal.

(You can check with PC’s device manager.)

There is a so-called Polling Rate or Frequency of Receiving Data


Drop in pixel clock and polling rate unmatching. Therefore, when the image increases, it gets slow. In this case, the image display may be delayed extremely.


Some USB cameras can also change the pixel clock. In addition, the number of missed frames may be displayed.


You can maximize the performance of your PC and USB camera by adjusting the pixel clock while confirming the number of missed frames.

(Of course, the frequency and the display speed are higher if no images are lost)


We also sell USB cameras that can adjust the pixel clock.

Please refer here.