How to take picture with an external signal (trigger signal)?

Our USB cameras, the CS series, and GigE cameras, the EG series, are equipped with external signal input terminals, enabling image saving from external signals. (Note: Trigger cables are required for signal input.)


However, the standard bundled software does not have the capability to save images from external signals. Therefore, you would need to use optional software or utilize the included SDK to program and achieve this functionality.


There are two main types of optional software for saving still images through external signal input. The significant difference lies in their behavior during external signal standby: one type continuously displays the live feed, while the other type does not display the live feed during standby and only shows the most recent saved still image based on the signal received.


Continuous Live Display Type: HiTriggerQ



The advantage of the continuous live display type is the ability to constantly monitor the video feed. Conversely, to view the saved images, you would need to access the designated folder as they are not displayed without accessing the storage location.


Recently Saved Still Image Storage Type: HiTriggerF Pro   


If you are programming, please make use of the SDK located in the camera driver installation folder.





If you want to save images using an external trigger with a camera that does not have external signal input terminals, there is also a method available where you can use pre-existing input boxes or similar interfaces to call software shortcuts from an external source and initiate the image-saving process.