How to take picture with an external signal (trigger signal)?

We may ask you to save the image as a still image with an external signal (trigger signal) when using the USB camera. In this case, you have to think about two things.

(1) Whether the screen when waiting for an external signal (trigger signal) (wait) is set to the Live screen or the still image saved the most recently is displayed.

(2) Do you use a camera with a trigger terminal or use a camera without an external terminal?


(1) Advantages of Live screen display are: Always be able to see the video. Conversely, saved images are saved automatically in the folder and you can not check the saved images unless you access the folder. The merit of displaying the most recently saved video is You can always check if the image saving was successful. This difference is a difference in the function of Viewer software.

There is no problem at all if software is assembled with the SDK etc attached to the customer’s camera. When purchasing application software, we recommend that you check the software specifications. There are two types of trigger software sold at our company due to the difference of the display screen at the time of wait.

Live screen display 2 screen display Trigger storage software TriggerQ

Display the latest save screen Trigger software

USB cameras have cameras with only USB ports and cameras with trigger terminals.


<Camera without I/O     The center id our GR series>


<Camera has I/O cable.   The right one is our DR series>
When the trigger terminal is attached, it can be easily saved with the supplied Viewer software or software introduced above.

In the case of a camera without a trigger terminal, it is possible if the shortcut key is set to the save function of the attached Viewer software.


In the above software, “Ctr + S” shortcut key is set to Save.
In this case, you can convert the ON / OFF signal to “Ctr + S” and input by using the commercially available I / O Box as shown below.
(The following is ” Switch USB ” of Technotools)