What should I do if I would like to do focus synthesis?

Focus synthesis is possible when using software.
There are two methods for focus synthesis.

1. Software that saves images by using Viewer software and stores the necessary parts and focuses the image

(1) Integrated with Viewer software · · · MeasurePRO – Ex

Images can be saved while watching the live screen, and the image can be focused in software
It is relatively expensive because of Viewer software which can also perform measurement.

<Example of focus synthesis image in MeasurePRO-Ex>

合成前 合成後
<Before focus synthesis>
<after focus synthesis>

 (2)Files that are saved in Viewer software and focused using that image
… Helicon Focus (Free demo version available), Combine ZP (Free software)
– Low cost and focus synthesis possible
– It is possible to focus on desired parts
※ Disadvantages
· It takes time and effort to store images using Viewer software and focus it on each software

<Example of focus synthesis image in Helicon Focus>
Before focus synthesis (taken with Viewer software Measure)

First picture
Second picture
Third picture
Fourth picture

We focused on the above pictures with Helicon Focus

焦点合成 ヘリコンフォーカス

If you have Adobe Photoshop CS 4 or higher, Photoshop also has a function to autofocus multiple still images. It will be expensive to purchase newly. However, if you already have, it will be useful software.

<Example of Focused Synthesis Image in Photoshop CS 4>
We focused on 4 photos taken with Measure above and focused on Photoshop CS4.

焦点合成写真 フォトショップ

※ How to focus on Photoshop CS4

1. Collect all pictures that you want to systhesize in the layer.


2. Select Edit -> Composite Layer


Please contact our Technical Advisor if you have any questions about the software.