High-sensitivity high-definition camera for borescope use

What cameras are necessary for a borescope?

Attaching a camera to a borescope results in diminished brightness. Consequently, cameras with high sensitivity or intense illumination are requisite. While our BA200HD model offers both affordability and high sensitivity, certain conditions of the object or the type of borescope may still result in insufficient brightness even with this model. While using intense illumination is an option, it can be costly.


Recommended feature: “Auto Exposure Master”

Here, we introduce our sophisticated high-definition camera. It combines advanced functionality with high sensitivity, rendering it highly effective in dim conditions, especially when coupled with the “Auto Exposure Master” feature. One drawback is the smaller camera sensor size, at 1/2.8 inches, resulting in a slightly narrower area captured in the imagery. However, this model performs well with borescopes with diameters below φ2.7.