How to capture long-duration videos using a high-definition camera

When it comes to recording long-duration videos lasting several hours with a high-definition camera, there are primarily two approaches: using a computer (PC) and not using a computer.

Using a computer allows direct recording of videos onto the PC’s storage, facilitating extended recording sessions. For details on how to utilize a computer for this purpose, please refer to the following page.


If you’re not using a PC, another option is to use our HDMI recorder with an external HDD connected to it.


You can achieve long-duration recording by connecting a high-capacity external HDD (up to 1TB) instead of a USB flash drive.

Please note that externally powered HDDs are required as bus-powered external HDDs will not function properly.


Moreover, ensure that the HDD is formatted in NTFS format for recording long videos as FAT32 has a file size limit of 4GB per file. exFAT format is not supported for this purpose.