If you want to use an industrial camera on Linux

■ The Genesis of Linux
Linux, unlike Windows, comes in various distributions.

Linux distributions can be developed and distributed freely by anyone, allowing individuals, small groups, and even corporations to provide distributions tailored for different hardware and purposes.

Popular distributions for personal computers and servers include “Debian GNU/Linux,” “Ubuntu,” “CentOS,” “Raspbian,” and “Fedora.”

However, not all applications are compatible with every distribution.

Below, we outline the process of using our cameras with Linux.

■ Using Industrial UVC Cameras
UVC cameras are compatible with many distributions.

Many Linux distributions already have UVC camera drivers built-in.

Additionally, the OpenCV image processing library supports UVC cameras, making it much easier to program compared to industrial USB3 Vision / GigE Vision cameras.

Traditionally, UVC cameras have been associated with built-in lenses, mass production, and low-cost sales akin to webcams. However, our company offers cameras with external terminals (trigger terminals) and interchangeable C-mount lenses.