If you want to use multiple cameras, you need a high-performance PC. (The use of laptops is not guaranteed.) In general, as the resolution and number of cameras increase, so do the required specifications of the PC. The following are recommended specs, but this is a guide.

CPU: 12th generation or later Intel Core i7 (12th generation or later Intel Core i9 is recommended for 4 or more cameras)

RAM: 16 GB or more


If you’re recording for a long time, add the above specs to a GPU like the RTX 3070.

If you have more than 4 cameras, we recommend adding a USB board or a LAN board for GigE cameras to account for bandwidth limitations. To add a board, the required PCIe slot must be free.

Also, the amount of storage space you need depends on your camera’s resolution, fps, and recording time. The following is an estimate of the storage time that can be stored on each camera when using 1TB of storage.



400,000 pixels 30fps Compression 160h
Non – compression 6h45min
1.3 million pixels 30fps Compression 48h
Non – compression 2h
5 million pixels 30fps Compression 11h
Non – compression 28min



※If there are 2 cameras, the time will be 1/2, and if there are 4 cameras, the time will be 1/4. When performing compressed recording, it may be possible to secure sufficient writing speed with an HDD depending on the number of cameras and fps.