There are two main types of UVC cameras that we handle.


About DN series

DN series cameras are a higher type than general UVC cameras.
There are two points at the top.


The first one comes with a trigger terminal.
Very few UVC cameras come with a trigger terminal, but industrial USB cameras generally come with a trigger terminal.
This function was added in response to a request to use the UVC camera like an industrial camera.
The other comes with a tool program that allows you to remember camera settings such as white balance.
The brightness and color adjustment of UVC cameras are basically set to automatic and cannot be adjusted, but he can save the adjustments by using a tool program.



UVC camera with trigger terminal



About WA2 series

The WA2 series camera is a price-oriented type.
All that can be done is the same control as a general web camera.


The advantage over web cameras is that they are C-mount, so lenses can be replaced.
I think it will meet your needs such as “A web camera is sufficient, but the angle of view is not suitable.”


Low price UVC camera



Basically, the DN series is recommended because it can do more things than the WA2 series.
It can be adapted to various conditions.
If you want to build it cheaply, please choose the WA2 series.