Most camera mounting screws are the same standard as tripod screws.

This standard is commonly referred to as “camera thread” or “tripod thread.”

There are very few differences between different manufacturers and camera types.

The commonly used screw size is 1/4 20UNC.

The same applies to single-lens reflex cameras, small digital cameras, surveillance cameras, and F.A.A.

The mounting screws shown in the photo below are all the same size as well.





However, although there are a small number of large and old cameras, 3/8-16UNC (3/8 inch coarse) screws may be used. In this case, the screw diameter is approximately 9mm.

Of course, you can use screws to secure the camera, but there are a variety of fixing devices available on the general market.

These fixtures come with a variety of features, including adjustable angles. Therefore, one option is to use ready-made products.

Since standard screws for cameras are used, commercially available camera accessories (tripods, pan heads, etc.) can be used. There are also conversion screws from 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch on the market, so you can use a tripod or other fixture even if the screw size is different.


三脚等の固定具 三脚等の固定具

・Example of consumer product camera fixtures
The following is part of LPL Co., Ltd.’s catalog.



・Example of industrial camera fixture
The following is part of SFC Co., Ltd.’s catalog.



It may also support the lens if it is long and heavy.

(All of our microscope lenses have a fixed part with a diameter of 50 mm.)