Raspberry Pi is an ultra-small, lightweight, and extremely affordable board computer developed by the British Raspberry Pi Foundation.

Although it was primarily developed for educational purposes, it is now widely used as a hobbyist and industrial IoT controller.

There are multiple models, and OS (operating systems) include Linux-based Debian, Fedora, and Arch Linux.

(It is also possible to use Windows 10 IoT Core as the OS on some models.)

In industrial applications, it is widely used to control various sensors and send data to servers through GPIO (general purpose signal input/output terminals) mounted on the board and LAN. On the other hand, in the hobby field, easy construction of high-quality music players, media servers, etc. is gaining popularity.

ラズベリーパイ:Raspberry Pi


The photo above is a Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+.

The Raspberry Pi also has a port for a camera, but you can only connect a dedicated camera, and there are complaints that you can’t get enough image quality, you can’t change lenses, and it’s difficult to extend cables.

However, the Raspberry Pi OS also supports UVC (USB Video Class) cameras as standard.

※1 Older versions of the OS may require an upgrade. You may need to set up a UVC camera driver.