How to raise frame rate (USB 2.0 camera)?

The upper limit of USB communication speed is decided regardless of PC performance.

For USB 2.0, it is 480 Mbps (= 60 MB / s).

It can not exceed this. (Actually, 60% of this number does not come out.)

Of course, there are also ways to stop the resident software (skype, security software, etc.) and increase the installed memory, etc., which increases the ability of the CPU on the PC side.


You can also raise the frame rate with the setting on the camera.

・Increase shutter speed

Please check the setting screen on the camera. There are items to adjust the shutter speed. (Depending on camera of each company, time,   exposure time, etc, the function will change.)

Please set this as soon as possible. (In that case the screen will be dark, please make the lights as bright as possible.)

<Pls look at the setting screen of our viewer software>

・Stop feedback

Depending on the camera, automatic exposure (AE) and real-time white balance may be set.

Turning this off and setting it to manual setting, feedback time can be shorten.

<Please look at the setting screen of our viewer software>

Decline the resolution

If it is a CMOS camera, the resolution can be switched. The resolution will be lower if full resolution is not required.

Change CMOS camera to CCD camera

This is not actually going to be faster. When you compare with the same resolution, the speed will be increased. (Actual easier to see.)

(Please refer to “What’s the difference between CCD and CMOS?”.)

・Video format also affects to the speed

For YUY 2, RGB 24, the camera will send the data to the PC.

On the other hand, video formats such as RAW 8 and RAW 16 send data directly to the PC and build the video on the PC side.

Although a burden is imposed on the PC side, if there is sufficient ability on the PC side, the display speed of the picture increases.


Of course, changing from USB 2.0 to USB 3.0 will make it overwhelmingly faster.

Recently, in addition to just USB 3.0, there is also a camera of the “USB 3 Vision” standard, not only the display speed but also the stability is greatly up.

(Please refer to “What is USB3Vision”.)