What’s the difference between Rolling Shutter and Global Shutter

<Rolling shutter>

Rolling shutter is also called “line exposure sequential readout”.

Collect one block from one line to one block and obtain the image for each block.

Combine this into one image. Although the inside of the block is simultaneous timing, a slight time difference occurs for each block.

CMOS cameras are generally rolling shutters.

(CMOS devices can read all pixels or read out partial images. Recently, cameras that can switch between rolling shutter and global shutter are also on sale.)

<Global shutter>

Global shutter is also called “simultaneous exposure all at once”.

Images are acquired at the simultaneous timing of all pixels.

CCD cameras are generally global shutters.

(Because the CCD element can not read out partly, it is inevitably a global shutter.)


I think that the following two points are important for practical use.

(1) When photographing a moving object

(2) When using strobe lighting



Try shooting while moving the following objects.
Global shutter(CCD) Rolling shutter(CMOS)
グローバルシャッター ローリングシャッター

Since the shooting time of the rolling shutter is shifted from block to block, the image skews.

In addition, CMOS also generates a large afterimage.

Try shooting while moving the following objects.

Global shutter(CCD) Rolling shutter(CMOS)
グローバルシャッター ローリングシャッター

Depending on the timing, when flash photography is used, a phenomenon occurs in which only a part of the screen glows.

Symptoms differ when flicker occurs.

(Please refer to “Flicker phenomenon”.)

CMOS features are also improved day by day.

A significant portion of it has become no different than the CCD.

Finally, please understand these as generalizations.

Despite the CMOS, our USB camera is equipped with a shutter mode. 1. Global shutter, 2. Rolling shutter

USB 2.0, USB 3.0, USB 3 Vision, color, monochrome, cabinet type (camera case type), board camera type and lineup are abundant.

Free demo available.

Please do not hesitate to ask.


USB3.0カメラ   USB3 Vision camera
USB2.0カメラ   USB2.0 camera


Besides that, please refer to Youtube as an interesting video of an example of rolling shutter has been uploaded.

Please try searching for “rolling shutter” on Youtube.