How to measure height (Z pivot) ?

We introduce the height measurement (Z pivot measurement) system.

1. System configuration

Install the Z pivot stage and the motor controller in the microscope.

(Microscope (our company), Z pivot stage (Chuo Seiki products), both are general purpose goods.)

高さ測定(Z軸測定)システム 高さ測定(Z軸測定)システム
I will use focus synthesis software and 3D creation software of Mitani software for this system.
2.How to operate?
(1)Focal Composition  
(2)Create 3D image  
Combine the photos synthesized with the microscope and the position information of the motor into a 3D image.
3D画像を作成 3D画像を作成

From the microscope’s perspective, the vertical surface or nearly vertical surface can not be seen. So, height measurement can be done without problems.


When there is a slope on the wall surface, a relatively beautiful 3D image can be formed.


As an example, I will make a dent of cardboard a 3D image.


You can figure out any size and cross section shape from here.

The following yellow line is a optional drawn.


Since it is not a measuring machine, there is no precision.

The minimum step of the Z axis table (0.5 μ this time) is the resolution.

Depending on how you use it, you can get some accuracy.