How to measure with a digital XY table?

Select the camera that can draw a cross line on the monitor.

Our PC monitor direct camera, high vision camera has cross line display function.


Measurement of outer diameter of rings


1. Use transillumination to emphasize edges.

2. Display the cross line on the screen.


3. Align the cross line with the end of the measurement point.

4. Reset the digital micrometer to zero.


5.Using a micrometer, move to the other end side

6. At this time, the value of the micrometer will be the outside diameter.



(1) Calibration before measurement is unnecessary.

(2) Even objects that can not be captured on one screen can be measured.

(3) Depending on the accuracy of the micrometer, accuracy can be expressed including the calibration certificate.




(1) It takes time to measure.

(2) It can only measure horizontal and vertical.

(When using a XY table, oblique measurement is also possible)

(3)) It can measure only the distance between two points. (Measurement of angle, area, distance between centers of circles, etc. can not be done.)