How to observe polarized light with a microscope

When conducting polarized observation, the efficacy is heightened by incorporating polarization filters on both the emitting and incident light sides. Subsequently, the polarization intensity is adjusted by rotating either of the polarization filters.



Our company’s microscopes, specifically the TG and FZ series, are equipped to facilitate polarized observations by directly affixing light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to the lens.




<When diminishing magnification by attaching an auxiliary lens>

Due to the concurrent placement of auxiliary lenses and incident-side filters, their simultaneous attachment is precluded.





In this scenario, the utilization of our LED Angle (LED-A2) enables polarized observations.







LEDs are affixed beneath the angle.

(Caution) The installation space for the angle cannot be secured unless the focal length is elongated. Consequently, it can only be utilized when employing auxiliary lenses to reduce magnification.