What’s the correspondence if USB camera freezes?

Unfortunately there is sometimes cases like this. Even with USB devices, freezing may occur due to compatibility problems or interference. There are three problems as follow:

1. Communication failure


USB cameras do not have a retransmission function. The screen freezes when the communication is interrupted even once (communication error occurs).

The cause may be poor contact of USB connector, extension of USB cable, superimposition of noise, etc.


2. Interference with other driver software


Unlike application software, driver software is close to the system and may interfere with driver software such as Web camera. Not limited to cameras, video-based drivers and the like may interfere.

(In the past, there was also a case where the TV tuner board interfered.)


3. USB port problem


 If you are using a USB hub or an additional board USB port, the operation may become unstable.

<Solution> Of course, a problem of the camera body is also considered. To solve it, first run it on another PC to see if the same symptoms appear.

(It turns out whether the camera is a hardware malfunction or not.)

If there is no problem with other PC, connect to the PC where the error occurs, completely remove the driver, reinstall it. (

Unlike application software, driver software can not be completely deleted manually.

Please download “complete removal program” from our HP and use it. ) Be sure to check the operation using the port when reinstalling.