Image format

Our camera is DirectShow compatible camera.

By installing a driver to your PC, the images will be displayed with

 Viewer software that runs on windows.


(1) Of course, it works with Viewer software attached to the camera.


 (2) It works even with the application attached to another camera.


Basically, you can see if running with AMCAP whether DirectShow-compatible camera.

This is Viewer software distributed free by Microsoft for engineers. (If you can install with AMCAP, DirectShow compatible camera is suitable too)


(3) Our camera also shows the images with AMCAP.


However, it may not be reflected in the setting on the application software.

In that case, you need to modify the application program. (It is necessary to pay attention for dedicate software)

(4) You can recognize our camera through these application software. But, the image does not show.


The biggest reason is to make video format diffrences.


There are several types of video formats.

YUY 2, RGB 24, RAW 8 … When making applications in order to match with various cameras, we will produce it so that it can deal with general video formats.

Since the above software does not support to RAW 8, our camera does not show. (Our video format of the USB camera DN series is RAW 8.)


For DirectShow-compatible cameras, if you modify video formats clearly, it seems to work in many cases.